Monitor Calibration

I finally bit the bullet and bought a Spyder 3 Express colorimeter. I bought it online from Photo Warehouse. Very quick, easy and helpful. I have now calibrated my iMac I didn’t make a huge difference but it is definitely noticeable, the whole process didn’t take very long and went smoothly. I hope that now it will be easier to edit my images and end up with a print that matches my intent.

John Maillard

Just back from the Kaiapoi Photographic Club meeting, a really interesting talk from John Maillard. I love his images and it was amazing to see enormous prints being made from even small point and shoot cameras. Definitely inspiring, time to try some photo stitching I think. The other point he made was that many of the images were taken within a few miles of here in the Port Hills so now we have no excuse.

I thought I would share another image from last weeks portrait night, I like it.

Portrait Night

I’ve just got back from a Kaiapoi Photographic Club field trip to a local wildlife reserve to practise portraiture. We had three lovely models with us and a good turn out from the photographic club. Our models were all very patient and I think we all had some fun.

I will post a few more images and thoughts from the evening later but I haven’t posted for a few days being busy organising club competitions and interclub competition entries. In the meantime I took this portrait this evening, it was getting a little dark but my new Nikon 105mm F2.8 Micro did a great job.

50mm Review

Gull in flight

So how did a month with just a 50mm go? Pretty well, certainly I am now a lot more confident of getting the depth of field I want. I still find it difficult to get the focus exactly as I want with the aperture wide open but I will keep practicing.

The only fly in the ointment just now is that I took my camera to the beach at the weekend. I was hoping to get some photos of the fishermen at the end of the Waimakariri River and it appears that some sand has got into the lens focussing mechanism (the lens moves in and out to focus). A visit to repair man may be in order. I wouldn’t mind but I didn’t even try to change the lens – it was quite windy.

I still really like this lens, quite brilliant and even more so when you consider the price.